Trevor Timbeck

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Trevor Timbeck

(Toronto, Canada)


Trevor helps people leaders to be a better boss. Across his 18-year career he has had his share of bad bosses, and amazing bosses, and he’s been both himself. As Chief Talent Officer, he has seen and experienced first hand how difficult work is when you have, or are, a bad boss, and how much engagement and results improve when you have, or are, a better one. Trevor started his career in IT and went on to be the founder of a mobile software start-up. He has a deep technical background including a patent for distribution of content across mobile devices. He has worked at industry leading companies such as TD Bank, 3M, Blackberry and Sun Microsystems, across IT, marketing and sales. He left his role as a sales leader responsible for $40M in revenue to become Chief Talent Officer after experiencing the powerful impact of coaching on himself and his team. Technology is his first language but coaching is his favourite one. He’s an expert in personal development, leadership development and business development who believes that personal growth and professional growth are the same thing. Trevor has an MBA from Wilfred Laurier University and graduated with the gold medal in computer science from Western University. Trevor trained as a coach with the Coaches Training Institute and married his high-school sweetheart with whom he was co-valedictorian.