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Introducing Carlo Bos - PCC, CPCC, M.Ed. Executive Coach in Toronto


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Drawing from first-hand experiences as a seasoned coach, C-level executive, and entrepreneur, Carlo works with clients to elevate their consciousness, relationship effectiveness and impact in their organizations and beyond. As an executive coach for more than 15 years, he has walked alongside a wide array of organizational leaders as they effectively navigate complex team, business and market conditions. As a Co-CEO of a globally recognized coach training and leadership development company, he has helped lead the transformation of a company through several monumental events, including the successful transition from being founder owned/run to employee owned, the COVID-19 pandemic, and, the need for workplaces to be deeply invested and accountable for equity, inclusion and diversity investments. In this, he has lived the responsibilities that come with being a senior executive and leading people, product and a business you love into more purpose, resilience, integrity, and performance amidst turbulent times. Carlo’s passion is to crack open the paradigms leaders hold about themselves and their world, and to see themselves as a catalyst for bringing purposeful, systemic, lasting change to life. His focus is on supporting leaders to become more visionary, bold, compassionate and true to the commitments they’ve made to themselves and their stakeholders. Carlo holds degrees in Economics (Queen’s University at Kingston) and Education (University of Toronto) and is certified in a number of different assessments. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (CPCC), and is on faculty for the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). In this capacity, Carlo leads open-enrolment and large organizational coach training programs, as well as CTI’s 10-month, transformational Leadership Program. He is also an active community volunteer, serving in various capacities with Scouts Canada, local soccer teams, and as a Trustee to a leading Canadian Independent School.