Izabel Coutu

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Izabel Coutu

(Montreal, Canada)


Since 2006, Izabel has served as a professional coach, consultant and facilitator in leadership development. Collaborating on a vast array of cultural change mandates in large corporations, she has gained solid experiences helping hundreds of professionals, managers and directors to develop their leadership and achieve excellence. In recent years her mandates have been in the mining industry, finance industry and telecom industry. Izabel is distinguished by her ability to build trusting relationships with her clients and partners. Her system thinking approach combined with an excellent listening skills, a creative mindset and a quality of presence, create the best conditions so that clients are adequately supported in their learning journey and in the establishment of what they value and aspire to. Her coaching offers range from leadership transition, executive coaching and group coaching. Izabel holds an MA in Organizational Development, a Bachelor of Arts with specialization in facilitation, management, immigration and intercultural relationships, and a PCC certification in coaching. She is truly passionate about leveraging and embracing diversity. She is also a certified Points of You™ practitioner, a MBTI practitioner and a facilitator in Corporate Based Mindfulness training.