Case Studies

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Case Studies

Founded in 1996, Parachute Executive Coaching is a full service executive coaching, assessment and talent management consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada. Our proprietary, consistent, measurable process supports our professional coaching work with both individuals and organizations in pursuit of personal change and growth, career advancement, leadership capacity-building, talent development and organizational performance improvement.

Client: SVP, national retailer

Coaching Objective: build exec team relationships, increase clarity of and brevity of contributions in exec team meetings <br>

Process: live observations in meetings, email review, presentation rehearsals

Result: now sought as key advisor by peers, commended by global head office for impactful presentations, landed massive capital investment

Quote:….now my most trusted team member…

Client: SVP, insurance company

Coaching Objective: integrate new hire into the long-tenured and long-standing executive team

Process: assessment to identify and provide language around strengths and behaviours under pressure, work on reading others’ styles and adapting approach as needed.

Result: strong peer relationships, promotion to C level.

Quote:….I wasn’t sure it was possible to become as unified and trusting a team as we have become…"

Client: CEO, Technology

Coaching Objective: active listening, emotional empathy, business execution

Process: conversation practice and review, email review

Result: improved relationship with team, clarity and alignment within the business

Quote:... it’s very helpful to have a time and place to talk about topics such as having meaningful conversations, how to build culture by being an example...

Client: CTO, Technology

Coaching Objective: empower and develop leadership team, get out of the weeds,

Process: 360 feedback, live observations in meetings, situational leadership

Result: leadership style tailored to the person and situation, less time in the weeds and more trust of the team

Client: VP, Technology

Coaching Objective: increase confidence in new role, decrease overwhelm, improve delegation

Process: 360 Feedback Result: Dramatic improvement in confidence and leadership skills, less time spent in the weeds, leveraging the team more

Quote:….I feel as confident in this new role as I did in my previous role…

Client: VP, Information Technology

Coaching Objective: Lead with more heart, clarity and focus to complete a major initiative

Process: conversation practice and review,

Result: became a heart-centred leader, improved team morale and engagement, major initiative completed

Client: Director

Coaching Objective: improve team coaching skills, reduce frustration with team, accelerate personal leadership development

Process: coaching and development reviews, conversation practice and review,

Result: responsibilities and team grew in size and scope, identified as their leaders successor


“… thanks so much for your work with me. I know that I’m better for it and far more prepared to take on this big challenge than I would have been a year ago. Way more.”  

- MW, VP, Sales Operations, high tech company