Leadership Team Development

All it takes to create a leadership team is to collect a number of smart, capable people and assign them to a project or enterprise, right?


Too often we are introduced to a group of executives that has been brought together to deliver something, a group within which reside all the desired capability and experience and functional diversity, yet that brilliant collection of capable individuals struggles to perform as a cohesive and effective group.

Leadership Team development is a unique practice area, one that requires not only advanced level coaching skills but also the ability to see the system that is a team while recognizing the individuals within it.

Our work with Leadership teams is rooted in understanding the individual value systems of the members, and then facilitating understanding of the collective value system and its impact on the team’s ability to be effective – or not.

We use a unique framework for leadership team development & training – the Pursuit Values Operating System.TM

Using this unique training system we ground the team members in their own authentic leadership, which then sets the stage for the creation of effective and connected team dynamics. All of this is done in the context of the business objectives.

With a process that blends individual insight with collective awareness and connection, leadership teams are uniquely set up for sustainable success.