Coaching for Leaders

When a leader is operating at their maximum possible level of effectiveness they are able to lead teams well and positively impact business results. While this might seem obvious, what we know is that few leaders are able to bring that maximum possible level of effectiveness without concrete, specific, individualized support.

Leader coaching challenges can be as simple as honing presentation and communication skills, and as complex as managing change and dealing with ambiguity – some of which can be taught but most of which are better developed through the iterative process of coaching. Teaching style leadership training courses download a standardized curriculum without support for implementation once the course is over. Leadership coaching provides a customized, context-driven support mechanism that builds the individual’s self-awareness and accelerates their development based on how best to be successful in their role and organization.

We offer a range of engagement structures designed for middle managers, senior leaders or C-level executives. Our standard engagement model is based on six months of partnership with a leadership coach and includes stakeholder alignment meetings at the outset, midpoint and conclusion, a 360-degree feedback process and a review of any previous assessments and performance reviews.

We have clear boundaries that protect the confidentiality of the coaching work with the client while ensuring that the organizational stakeholders have an appropriate line of sight to the focus of the leadership coaching work.