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About Parachute Executive Coaching

We are a distributed team working with individuals and organizations globally

Founded by Master Coach Karen Wright, our proprietary process supports coaching with leaders in pursuit of career advancement, talent development and organizational performance improvement.

We work with clients in diverse domains including start-ups, crypto, sustainability, DEI, AI, employee wellness and mental health and leadership in remote and distributed workforces.

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We are trained, certified, experienced coaches who get results. Our team is diverse, passionate about the work and committed to constantly raising the bar for ourselves.

We are also driven by supporting the best interests and sustainability of the coaching profession. We are proud supporters of Coaching for Everyone, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to democratize and diversify the coaching profession.

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Why Choose Parachute Executive Coaching?


You are a leader who cares about the people in your organization. You understand that if your people are happy, healthy and successful your business will thrive.

You are principled, values-driven and committed to a vision of improving the world or at least some small corner of it. You're a lifelong learner, open to feedback and willing to tackle growth, knowing it can be uncomfortable.

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Talent Development

Develop high potential employees - Your “Top Talent” who are on the fast track to future leadership

Technical Leadership

Support subject matter experts or technical professional who need to become people leaders

Organizational Transformation

Create your organization as agile, forward-thinking and able to act in new ways.


We are business people. We understand the issues and challenges facing business because we've been there.

We represent a wide range of industries and functional backgrounds and bring diverse perspectives and the wisdom of corporate, organizational and entrepreneurial experience to our coaching.

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We are members of theInternational Coaching Federationand as such we adhere to the Code of Conduct and Statement of Professional Ethics of that organization.


Our coaching services are designed for personalized human growth. Each professional has unique needs and goals, so we offer a range of options, from one-on-one coaching to specialized and group experiences.

With a diverse community of coaches, including one-on-one, specialized, and group coaches, we are equipped to support you in your growth journey.

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Frequency Model

Frequency Model

We operate on a frequency model - the more often coach and client meet, the greater the momentum and the more rapid the behaviour change and/or goal accomplishment.

Data Collection

Data Collection

In addition to our intake process (comprised of quantitative assessments and qualitative feedback solicitation) we examine other performance and evaluation data available to ensure we have a complete picture.

Measurement and Feedback

Measurement and Feedback

We measure the effectiveness of our work, in terms relevant to the client and the organization. We solicit feedback to ensure we learn and improve along with our clients.