Are you a top executive wanting to have an even greater performance edge? Are you, or do you want to be on your company’s “fast track”? Are you responsible for developing top talent and “high potentials” in your organization?

Coaching Skills Training

Any individual who has people responsibility can benefit from learning basic coaching skills. We offer coaching skills training workshops in one- and two-day formats customized to meet your organization’s stage of development and business needs.


Through our partnership with Potential Project, we offer the world’s most science-based and proven training for mindfulness practice – contextualized for the business environment.

Whether your objectives lie in business Performance & Effectiveness, Balance & Resilience or Creativity & Energy, we can design a custom program based on mindfulness practice and other neuroscience-based techniques to ensure that your people are performing at their very best.


At every stage of an individual’s leadership journey there comes an accompanying increased need for the ability to communicate directly and effectively with a wide range of stakeholders. We offer practical, actionable communication style training that ensures individuals know how to recognize style AND how to adapt their own approach for maximum effectiveness.

We Can Help You:

Develop high potential employees – your “top talent” – who are on the fast track to future leadership

Support subject matter experts or technical professionals who need to become people leaders

Create your organization as agile, forward-thinking, and able to act in new ways.


We are professional communicators no matter whether we’re working one on one or speaking in front of a large audience. We are available for training your people, no matter what organizational level, on the basics and the finer points of constructing a compelling presentation and delivering the message with impact.


Whether you’re seeking a new role internally or externally, or even if you’re not considering a move in the immediate future, a current and powerful resume and LinkedIn profile are critical marketing documents. Let us work with you to ensure all of your personal marketing documentation works as well as possible for you.

….a key resource in assisting me in reaching some of my key professional and personal goals.”

- CD, VP Marketing, software company