NEW PROGRAM! Executive Women’s Mastermind Group!


You’re an accomplished leader with a passion not only for delivering at the highest level but doing so in a way that allows you and your teams to flourish and thrive, as business leaders AND as humans with lives and interests beyond work.

Here it is, December. If you’re like most of the leaders we are working with, you’re attempting to get a lot done in the next couple of weeks, and taking as much time as you’re able over the holidays in an effort to return in January with some degree of rejuvenation and renewed energy.

Sadly, it might not work.

The exhaustion, complexity, relentless pressure and head-spinning change that leaders, especially women leaders, have had to process in the past couple of years has been staggering. And a few days, or even weeks, off isn’t going to make much of a difference when you re-enter a system that’s not designed to give you the kind of support you need in order to be really healthy, happy AND successful.

I’m not trying to drag you down. Quite the opposite!!

What if, starting in January, you could be part of something that would provide you with community, connection and customized support for your work and life? Something that combines the best practices of executive level masterminds with the power of executive coaching and the subject matter expertise of leaders in mindfulness, public speaking, career management, communication, values-based leadership, peak performance, team leadership, conscious culture creation, diversity and inclusion and more? Something that will support you to lead the absolutely necessary change in how organizations operate such that results no longer come at such an enormous human cost?

It’s possible. We are launching a new way of working with the Parachute Executive Coaching team, specifically designed to support the unique and complex challenges you’re facing these days.

What do we know?

1. The past few years have been unimaginably difficult for everyone, but particularly so for leaders who hold responsibility for teams and organizations. Add on the multiple roles, invisible labour and emotional stress that women tend to carry more so than their male counterparts and it’s been a rough time with little relief.

2. McKinsey recently released a report citing executive level women as planning to leave their roles in droves – yet we also know that organizations are culturally better AND deliver better business results when women represent a meaningful percentage of the executive ranks.

3. While 1:1 coaching is one thing we know can help, it’s still very lonely for top level leaders. We are hearing a craving for connection and community – a desire to have relationships in a safe, confidential environment with people who are having similar challenges and experiences.

4. Through the coach selection process we have frequently been asked whether it’s possible to access more than one of the talented coaches on our diverse team.

In response to all of the above, we have designed something for leaders like you (women who are V and C level leaders, responsible for a team or business unit, and who are drivers of culture) and those in your network/organization, structured to provide you with an invaluable combination of group and individualized coaching and leadership development support, accessing not just one of our top notch coaches but potentially several of them over the course of a year.

The Program: A year-long small (maximum 10 participants) group program designed to accelerate leader development, create community and provide peer support for leader challenges and growth objectives in a facilitated and curated environment. 12 months, monthly virtual group sessions, monthly virtual 1:1 sessions with a dedicated coach AND a pool of 6 hours to use with any of the other members of our team. Plus an ongoing stream of value-added content, and two optional pop-up in-person events during the year.

We’ll tap the content from my books The Complete Executive and The Accidental Alpha Woman – to give you frameworks from within which to choose your areas of focus and opportunity.

When you participate you will benefit from knowing you aren’t alone, you’ll share wisdom and experience with and receive from others in similar positions, and gain from regular access to professional coaches with deep, diverse expertise and experience.

If, for one reason or another, this isn’t the program or the time for you, but you know any women who might benefit from it, by all means please forward this post with my thanks.

If you’re interested in this program, let’s get on a call to chat about it.

We expect this program to fill quickly. We will close applications as of December 16, 2022, or before if we fill to the 10 person capacity.

Here’s a link to my calendar to book 30 minutes.