Love Note to Leaders

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I was going to write this post today anyways, and then Malcolm Gladwell came out and criticized the hard-working people desperately trying to figure out the new world of work.

If you’re any kind of leader at any level, life is hard much of the time.

It’s especially hard right now.

Our CEO Coaching services offering have never been more in demand – and on one level I wish that weren’t the case (make no mistake, I’m happy we can help. It’s just hard to see so much pain in so many smart, caring, accomplished people).

Leaders at all levels are being routinely vilified for almost every attempt at solving the greatest business challenges of their careers.

It’s very easy to criticize when you’re not, as Theodore Roosevelt said and Brene Brown popularized, “in the arena.”

What should we do?

I vote we change the game here.

What if we showered all of our leaders with – wait for it – love?

What if we trusted that anyone with any drop of responsibility is genuinely trying to do their best?

What if we applauded them for good intentions and best effort?

What if we understand that many of them are working inside systems that are broken and that are at best only partially within their ability to change?

What if we went looking for the things they are doing – or trying to do RIGHT?

And what if we treated them like we’d treat anyone who has our collective livelihood and well-being on their shoulders? That is, presuming you’d treat those people with great care, respect and compassion…

As anne bono wrote just this morning, love does indeed belong at work.

So, leaders – listen up.

I love you. I see you. I believe in you. Take care of yourselves. It’s rough out there.