The field of professional coaching is cluttered and confusing. As a relatively new and (as yet) unregulated profession, it is difficult for a potential client to sort through the many people and firms who claim to offer coaching services. Following are several questions to ask and things to look out for:

What Questions Should you ask When Choosing A Coach?

  • Is the coach trained by an accredited (www.coachfederation.org) coach training school?
  • Is the coach credentialed by and associated with one of the major professional organizations supporting coaching (ICF, WABC, IAC) and do they adhere to a published set of professional ethics and practice guidelines?
  • Is the coach focused on professional coaching as their primary area of endeavour?
  • Does the coach have a track record of success and are they willing to provide client references?
  • Is there a “fit” between coach and client such that the coach can establish rapport and trust with the client quickly?
  • Is there a clear model and approach for the coaching?
  • Is there a process for evaluating the success of the coaching engagement?
  • If you are introducing coaching into an organization, does the provider of coaching services have a standardized process, set of measurement criteria and enough service delivery scale to support your long term needs? Do they have clear guidelines around reporting, feedback and confidentiality?

“Coaching has not only made me a better manager, but has provided me with tools that can be applied to the rest of my management team as well.” 

- DK, director, telecom company

What is Executive Coaching?

For Organizations:

  • Are you having trouble matching potential and performance in your future leaders?
  • Do you have some brilliant people almost ready to join the executive team?
  • Do your subject matter experts know everything – except how to work with people?
  • Are your most recently hired and promoted executives floundering?
  • What is the best way to manage a career path to maximize development and potential?
  • Are your stars not shining their brightest?
  • Is your organization undergoing significant structural and cultural change?

For Individuals:

  • Are you struggling to balance your career and the other aspects of your life?
  • Have you achieved your original career goals, only to wonder “what’s next”?
  • Are you frustrated by not having a mentor or advisor to help you process issues and decisions?
  • Would you like to fast track your career?

Executive coaching is a flexible, focused, strategically sound investment in maximizing the potential of individuals and organizations. Client-centred, aligned with specified goals and focused on measurable results, professional executive coaching can transform an individual’s style, help a team develop synergy and support leadership development in top performers.

Whether for one high potential person or across an entire organizational team, a new executive level hire or a long standing team member yet to demonstrate their full potential, Parachute Executive Coaching has the resources, capabilities and proven process to help you and your people achieve the results you need.

How Do You Know If Coaching Will Work?

One of the greatest challenges facing coaching is the fact that the results are variable and not guaranteed. The good news is, however, that the results often far exceed the original mandate and expectations. Here are a few criteria that will set any coaching engagement up for success:

  • Does the client agree that there is a “gap” between their current state and their desired state?
  • Does the client agree that they are responsible for taking action to close the gap?
  • Is there an understanding that sustainable change does not take place overnight? Is there a long term commitment to the coaching process in support of change?
  • In cases of executive coaching being introduced to an organization, is there an executive sponsor or champion for the process?
  • Is there agreement that the content of coaching sessions remains absolutely confidential between the coach and the client?