New Executive Onboarding

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Executive Onboarding

Over half of new executives fail within the first 18 months of entering a new position. This is a staggering statistic that speaks not only to huge wasted investment but dangerous organizational turmoil – all of which are unnecessary if your new executives are supported properly during their time of transition and acclimation. Our new executive onboarding program supports an individual’s successful integration into the organization’s culture (or peer group in the case of internal promotions), framing of short and long-term challenges and recognizing and building key stakeholder relationships.

Conventional thinking about success in a new executive role would suggest that the initial 90-day period is critical. It is, but in our experience the SECOND 90 days is more challenging and more in need of support. It is in the second 90 days that the new executive begins to understand the realities of their situation (not always as it was presented!), and at the same time expectations regarding their impact are heightened.

Six months of dedicated executive coaching support can provide a new member of your senior team a partner in their adjustment process – a safe sounding board and experienced navigator of politics and people – to accelerate their transition into the role and to set them up for success.

Our executive onboarding coaching process includes stakeholder alignment meetings at the outset, the midpoint and the conclusion of the 6-month engagement. We conduct 360 feedback interviews – not on the individual, but to gauge the expectations for the role itself. We map the required leadership competencies to the needs of the role and focus the coaching work on leveraging strengths and closing gaps.

We Can Help You:

Develop high potential employees – your “top talent” – who are on the fast track to future leadership

Support subject matter experts or technical professionals who need to become people leaders

Create your organization as agile, forward-thinking, and able to act in new ways.

“… thanks so much for your work with me. I know that I’m better for it and far more prepared to take on this big challenge than I would have been a year ago. Way more.”  

- MW, VP, Sales Operations, high tech company