Executive Career Coaching

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Career Coaching

Your high potential people are often too busy doing the work to be thinking about their executive career path. As a result, your top talent may not be appropriately preparing themselves for their next move. Our executive career coaches work with high achievers to help them get clear on what they want and what it will take to get them there. We challenge their thinking about their careers to ensure they are considering options beyond the conventional path, and that they are pursuing development opportunities that will ensure they are ready to stretch into bigger roles as soon as those roles become available.

Executive career coaching is most often a short-term engagement focused on clarifying strengths, gaining input from organizational stakeholders as to what potentially lies ahead, and ensuring clear feedback has been delivered such that the individual knows exactly what to work on. In many cases individuals will reconnect with their interests such that they are better able to articulate their career goals, thereby better equipping the organization to place them in the talent plan.

A career coach is often used instead of conventional outplacement services for senior-level individuals when a change in career direction is being considered. Our transition coaching process supports the personal reflection and consideration of alternatives that is critical to re-establishing oneself on the executive track – or off it if that’s the best course of action.

We Can Help You:

Develop high potential employees – your “top talent” – who are on the fast track to future leadership

Support subject matter experts or technical professionals who need to become people leaders

Create your organization as agile, forward-thinking, and able to act in new ways.

“… thanks so much for your work with me. I know that I’m better for it and far more prepared to take on this big challenge than I would have been a year ago. Way more.”  

- MW, VP, Sales Operations, high tech company