Cynthia Morris

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Cynthia Morris

(Denver, Colorado)


Cynthia has been coaching high performing creatives and entrepreneurs since 1999. Her clients are smart, successful executives who want more of themselves in their work and life. From real estate developers to heads of schools to founders, clients usually hire Cynthia to help write their books. They quickly realize that she is much more than a book coach. With her astute coaching skills and experience as a business owner and coach of executives, she becomes a trusted ally for life, work and writing.

Cynthia is a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach and a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership training, both through global leader The Co-Active Training Institute. She was the team coach for Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project Immersion and Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Coach Inner Circle program. As a former president of the Boulder Coaches Alliance, she led the team to write a coaches chapter manual. This was developed for the Boulder chapter and then shared and sold to other chapters nationwide.

Cynthia walks the talk and demonstrates how creativity is our greatest asset when it comes to life and business success. She has written eight books, launched numerous programs and created and sold bodies of artwork. She illustrated the book How to Sell Your Art Online by Cory Huff.

Her podcast, Stumbling Toward Genius, outlines the creative competencies we all need to make things that matter. Her most recent book, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book, received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

Cynthia leads transformational creativity and writing workshops online, in the US, in Paris and elsewhere. She is an inspiring speaker on writing and how to access our most creative, innovative ideas.

Cynthia is obsessed with human potential – not just the possibilities of what we can achieve but how, specifically, we maximize our talents and our resources. She believes that work and writing provide opportunities to develop our human potential.