CEO Coaching

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CEO Coaching

The adage “it’s lonely at the top” exists for a reason. Ascending to the top of an organization, business unit or enterprise of any sort by definition means that you no longer have peers. Which means you no longer have the same kind of safe, relatable relationships where you can be vulnerable, or confused, or speculative, or seeking advice. It also probably means that you are in a feedback vacuum.

Stepping into the top-level CEO leadership role also means reconfiguring your approach to leadership. More than ever you are confronted with complexity, ambiguity, and issues rooted in people rather than data, systems or processes.

While it might seem counterintuitive to think of CEO training and CEO coaching (Aren’t you already trained? Haven’t you already done enough professional and personal development?) the challenges and responsibilities associated with being the “buck stops here” leader are vastly different than at any other juncture on your career path. This is why working with an executive CEO coach – one who’s got the right kind of experience and training to meet you at your level – is a critical factor in success at the top.

When our coaches work with a CEO or business unit leader, we begin by understanding the business issues and strategic imperatives of the enterprise. We then use a combination of 360 feedback (including Board members) and formal assessment tools to ensure we have a clear picture of you as an individual leader AND the environment in which you need to create success. We assess your team and work with you to understand where you’ve got capability and where the team may be vulnerable.

Ongoing, our CEO coaching & training process is based on regular meetings where we reflect on you as a leader, where you’re feeling positive and where you’re struggling, and what changes you may need to consider in order to ensure the business is set up for success. And at every step of the way we are supporting you, as a CEO, to ensure you stay healthy and supported by the practices and relationships that give you the energy you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We Can Help You:

Develop high potential employees – your “top talent” – who are on the fast track to future leadership

Support subject matter experts or technical professionals who need to become people leaders

Create your organization as agile, forward-thinking, and able to act in new ways.

“… thanks so much for your work with me. I know that I’m better for it and far more prepared to take on this big challenge than I would have been a year ago. Way more.”  

- MW, VP, Sales Operations, high tech company