The Burned Out Leader

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When I’m asked about the “real” challenges facing leaders these days, I don’t talk about making tough decisions, or dealing with uncertainty. Not specifically, at least. Yes, making decisions in a VUCA world is tough. … Read More

Why I don’t do lunch.


“Let’s have that chat over lunch.” “Thanks for that (insert business-related helpful thing I sent their way) – can I buy you lunch?” “I think you’d love (insert person they just met who does what … Read More

Stop giving advice.


In a recent HBR article, a research team invited a number of people managers to describe their coaching skills (most rated themselves as “very good”) and then demonstrate those skills (most didn’t coach at all). … Read More

What does a manager do?


Here’s a statistically IN-significant – but real – informal survey I conducted recently about what a manager does: New managers say a manager “gets the work done” – and “has to work more and harder … Read More

Do Something Different


I went dancing in the dark a while back. It was an organized event where you drop your shoes at the door, enter a fully darkened room and just dance for an hour. No worries about who … Read More