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Our Services

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching services support your top talent in leveraging their strengths, honing their skills and optimizing their leadership performance.   We offer engagement structures designed for middle managers, senior leaders and C-level executives.

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New Executive Onboarding

Over half of new executives fail within the first 18 months of entering a new position. This is a staggering statistic that speaks not only to huge wasted investment but dangerous organizational turmoil – all of which are unnecessary if your new executives are supported properly during their time of transition and acclimation. Six months of dedicated executive coaching support can provide a new member of your senior team a partner in their adjustment process – a safe sounding board and experienced navigator of politics and people – to set them up for success.

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Career Management and Transition Services

Your high potential people are often too busy doing the work to be thinking about their career path and as a result may not be appropriately preparing themselves for their next move. Our executive coaches work with high achievers to help them get clear on what they want and what it will take to get them there.

Executive coaching is often used instead of conventional outplacement services for senior level individuals particularly when a change in career direction is being considered. Our transition management process supports the personal reflection and consideration of alternatives that is critical to re-establishing oneself on the executive track – or off it, if that’s the best course of action.

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Communication and Presentation Skills Training

We are professional communicators no matter whether we’re working one on one or speaking in front of a large audience. We are available for training your people, no matter what organizational level, on the basics and the finer points of constructing a compelling presentation and delivering the message with impact.

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Coaching Skill Training

Any individual who has people responsibility can benefit from learning basic coaching skills. We offer coaching skill training workshops in one- and two-day formats customized to meet your organization’s stage of development and business needs.

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Resume Preparation and Review and LinkedIn Profile Creation/Review

Whether you’re seeking a new role internally or externally, or even if you’re not considering a move in the immediate future, a current and powerful resume is a critical marketing document.  Let us work with you to ensure your resume, as well as your LinkedIn profile, works as hard as it can to position you for career success.

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Keynote Addresses and Guest Speaker Services

Each of our Associates is available for speaking engagements and keynote addresses for both live and electronically broadcast events. Please contact us for details.

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